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A smart turning lane concept constitutes a major element in creating effective traffic lights and junctions. With the Lane arrow changer you are able to control which direction(s) vehicle driving on a specific lane may take right after passing a junction.


To modify the allowed directions follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Tm-mainbutton.png button.
  2. Click on the Lane-arrows.png button.
  3. Position your mouse on a road segment right next to a junction and click when the segment end is highlighted (for some segments, especially bent ones this can sometimes be quite tricky, be patient. Rotate the view until you are able to select the segment).
  4. On the top left of your screen the lane arrow control window appears. Click on the designated buttons to change the appropriate lane arrows. If the button is highlighted white the direction is activated, if it is highlighted red then this direction is deactivated. Note that your changes are instantaneously transferred to the selected road segment.

As mentioned in Manual traffic lights it is best practice to synchronize lane arrows with traffic light arrows. For example, if your traffic light has a separate light for vehicles going left it is a very good idea to also have a lane that only allows left turns. If you miss this crucial point then you will see long queues of vehicles waiting on misconfigured lanes.

Yes, this arrow pattern does not make any sense.

Hints & remarks

  • If highway lane merging/splitting rules (see Options & advanced features) are activated, the lane arrow changer is disabled for highway roads since these lane arrows are determined automatically.
  • Modifications to lane arrows only affect newly spawned vehicles unless the appropriate option is activated (see Options & advanced features for further information). This means it may take some minutes before all vehicles correctly obey the changes in the arrow pattern.
  • Emergency vehicles (on duty) may ignore lane arrows (as they do with traffic lights).
  • Reckless drivers may ignore lane arrows.

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