Modified path-finding

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When enabled, TM:PE modifies the base path-finding algorithm in order to allow for the provided features to work correctly.

The following list of functions integrate into the modified algorithm:

  • Vehicle restrictions: During path-finding, costs for using restricted road segments are raised to either lower the probability or to prevent traversal of such segments.
  • Junction restrictions:
    • If crossing a street at a given location is prohibited for citizens, path-finding does not take the crossing in question into account.
    • If vehicles are allowed to perform u-turns, path-finding accounts for this degree of freedom.
  • Bus lane reservation: TM:PE increases the cost of using bus lanes for regular vehicles.
  • Busses may ignore lane arrows: When this option is enabled, path-finding allows busses to ignore lane arrows (though they are still advised to obey them where possible)
  • Heavy trucks prefer outer lanes on highways: When this option is enabled, trucks tend to use the outermost lane on highways. This is achieved by artificially raising traversal costs for inner highway lanes.

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