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Priority signs are an easy way to control traffic flows on roads with low or medium traffic volumes. Especially at junctions where roads with different traffic densities meet and where traffic lights would do more harm than good, priority signs can be very useful to improve traffic flow.

We distinguish three different types of priority signs:

Yield sign
Stop sign
Main road sign
  • The yield sign tells drivers that they may enter a junction only if there are no other vehicles approaching from a main road at the same time. Otherwise they have to wait for a clearance.
  • The stop sign works like the yield sign. The only difference is that cars approaching an intersection must come to a full stop before entering the junction.
  • The main road sign tells drivers that they have priority and may enter a junction even if there are cars coming from roads facing a yield/stop sign. Though, if vehicles coming from a main road want to turn left/right they have to wait for oncoming cars on the same main road going straight (If your city has right-hand traffic, left-turning cars must wait. If your city has left-hand traffic, right-turning cars must wait).


You can setup priority signs by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Tm-mainbutton.png button.
  2. Click on the Priority-signs-button.png button.
  3. Click on the junction where you want to add priority signs.
  4. Click on the blank spots to cycle through the available signs.
  5. When you are finished with the junction select the next junction you want to setup or click on the Priority-signs-button.png button again to leave the edit mode.
  6. If you want to delete priority signs from a junction, click on the Remove signs.png in the middle of the junction while in edit mode.

Note that you must at least define two priority signs at a junction. If you define less than two priority signs the signs are automatically deleted from the junction. Additionally, you have to assign one of the priority signs above to every road that is connected to the junction.

A typical priority sign setup: The four-lane street with medium traffic density has priority over the two-lane street with low traffic density.

Additional priority rules

When two vehicles approaching a junction are on the same level of priority (e.g. both on main road) following rules apply:

  1. Left yields to right (right-hand traffic) / Right yields to left (left-hand traffic).
  2. Left-turning vehicles must yield to straight-going vehicles (right-hand traffic) / Right-turning vehicles must yield to straight-going vehicles (left-hand traffic)

It may happen that none of the vehicles is allowed to go first according to the rules above (like in the real world). TM:PE handles this situation and (pseudo-)randomly selects one vehicle that is allowed to go first.

Priority roads

  1. Hold the Shift key to add priority signs to multiple junctions at once.
  2. Click again while holding shift to cycle through all available patterns (main-yield, main-stop, yield-main, stop-main).

Hints & remarks

  • Since the release of the Mass Transit DLC the base game contains a stop sign feature. Due to different mostly technical reasons (performance, mod inter-compatibility and functional differences) both TM:PE's priority sign and CO's stop sign feature currently work side-by-side and have not been merged into a single functional component. This however may be changed in a future version of TM:PE.
  • Reckless drivers ignore priority signs.