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The Snowfall DLC introduces new game mechanics, one is road maintenance. Roads that are kept maintained and free of snow (on winter maps) allow for faster driving. However, neglecting maintenance does not yield negative effects on maximum speeds. Enabling the Road condition has a bigger impact on vehicle speed option changes this.


Follow these steps to increase the impact of road condition on vehicle speeds:

  1. Click on the "gear" icon in the upper right corner of your screen or press "Escape".
  2. Click on Options.
  3. On the left side, click on Traffic Manager: President Edition.
  4. Switch to the Gameplay tab.
  5. Enable the Road condition has a bigger impact on vehicle speed checkbox.

Calculation scheme

The following factors are incorportated into the calculation scheme while determining maximum speeds for road segments:

  • Speed limits,
  • road wetness, (on winter maps: amount of snow coverage)
  • road condition, and
  • the Studded Tires policy.

Maximum speeds are always modified relatively to the underlying speed limit. The following table shows how the calculation scheme is defined for non-winter maps.

Road wetness Road condition Resulting speed modifier
Dry Maintained ±0 %
Wet Maintained -25 %, max. 100
Dry Unmaintained -25 %, max. 80
Wet Unmaintained -43.75 %, max. 80

The second table shows the calculation scheme for winter maps:

Snow coverage Road condition Studded Tires policy Resulting speed modifier
None Maintained Enabled/Disabled ±0 %
Covered Maintained Enabled max. 40
Covered Maintained Disabled max. 20
None Unmaintained Enabled/Disabled -25%, max. 80
Covered Unmaintained Enabled -43.75%, max. 40
Covered Unmaintained Enabled -43.75%, max. 20

If the realstic speeds feature is enabled its calculations are applied on top of the road condition calculation. However, at any time it is guaranteed that the resulting speed limit does not fall below 10.

Hints & remaks

  • The default speed limit on highways is 100. You can use this value as a reference.

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