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If you really want to see what your cims are doing when they lose their teleportation powers and instead have to wait in long traffic jams on their way home, you can disable automatic despawning of vehicles. Technically, if cars get stuck in long vehicle queues they are eventually removed from the game in order to keep everything healthy. If you want to optimize your traffic system by checking for flaws, disabling despawning can help you identifying hot spots inside your road network. To disable or enable despawning click on the Despawn-disabled.png/Despawn-enabled-whitebg.png button in the main menu.

Hints & remarks

  • If despawn is enabled (game default) the button shows Despawn-enabled-whitebg.png, otherwise it shows Despawn-disabled.png.
  • It is absolutely possible to create a running city having despawn disabled. However, it is much simpler to start a new city without despawn than fixing bottlenecks in an existing savegame.

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