Vehicle restrictions

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Vehicle restrictions allow you to prohibit certain vehicle types from entering selected road segments.


Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Tm-mainbutton.png button.
  2. Click on the Vehicle-restrictions.png button.
  3. Click on the road segment you want to modify.
  4. Click on the overlay signs that are floating above the road segment in order to toggle the allowed and disallowed vehicle types on the road segment.

A green sign indicates that the represented vehicle type is allowed to enter the segment, a red sign indicates that a vehicle of this type is prohibited to enter the segment.


The symbols depicted on the signs represent the following vehicle types:

Icon Description
Private cars (Passenger cars)
Busses (Public transport & evacuation busses)
Cargo trucks & delivery vans
Service vehicles: Garbage trucks, snow plows, hearses, police cars (off-duty, emergency lights are off), fire trucks (off-duty), ambulances (off-duty)
Emergency vehicles (on-duty, with lights on)
Passenger trains
Cargo trains

Hints & remarks

  • Modifications to vehicle restrictions only affect newly spawned vehicles unless the appropriate option is activated (see section Options & advanced features for further information). This means it may take some minutes before all vehicles correctly obey your set restrictions.
  • If you notice that vehicles do not obey vehicle restrictions make sure that you have provided alternative routes for those vehicles that are prohibited to enter a certain road strip.
  • Use the shift key while clicking on a vehicle restriction sign to apply the toggled restriction to all nearby road segments up to the next junctions.
  • Make sure to build alternative routes such that vehicles are able to bypass restricted segments.
  • Reckless drivers ignore vehicle restrictions.

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