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Dependening on the player's interpretation of what the vehicle restrictions feature should achieve, TM:PE makes it possible to regulate the effect strength of setup restrictions. In other words, the player may control their strength of enforcement.


Follow these steps to enable/disable the feature:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen or press Escape.
  2. In the pause menu click on Options.
  3. In the left navigation pane, select Traffic Manager: President Edition.
  4. Switch to the Policies & Restrictions tab.
  5. Select one of the available options under Vehicle restrictions aggression.


Vehicle restrictions are considered during path-finding. When the player sets up a restriction path-finding multiplies the cost for traversing that specific segment with an additional value. That value depends on which vehicle restrictions aggression setting is selected at that time. You can find the cost factors for the available aggression options in the following table.

Vehicle restrictions aggression Cost multiplier
Low 10
Medium 100
High 1000
Strict +∞

The cost multiplier influences how willingly vehicles will take detours in order to avoid the restricted segment. It also affects the maximum reasonable path length of such detours. Some reference values: the Old Town policy uses a cost multiplier of 5 while the Heavy Traffic Ban policy applies a cost factor of 10 to all affected segments. Setting the aggression factor to Strict virtually removes the segment in question from the road network such that it is 'guaranteed that restrictions are obeyed by all vehicles (even if they are controlled by reckless drivers).

Hints & remarks

  • (Low, Medium, High mode only) Setting up restrictions for multiple nearby segments amplifies the resulting effect.
  • (Low, Medium, High mode only) Due to technical reasons, path-finding stops if total traversal costs reach a certain level. Thus, if too many segments are restricted and no valid detour can be found, vehicles are unable to reach specific destinations.
  • (High, Strict mode only) Commercial buildings and industry require road access for delivery vans and trucks. Service and emergency vehicles require access to all kind of buildings. Do not ban the respective vehicle type on outermost lanes next to buildings in question while the High or Strict mode is enabled.
  • Make sure to build alternative routes such that vehicles are able to bypass restricted segments.

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